Welcome to Dagnys Plant Nursery

The web shop is now open for orders! The demand is higher then the supply which we are grateful for. This however leads to varieties quickly being sold out. We're a tiny plant nursery and time is very limited since we have full time jobs on the side. Our goal is to be able to spend more time on the nursery.

If you wish to be informed when a specific variety is back in stock, please register an account, go to the product page for each variety and hit the 'Join Waitlist' button.

Happy growing!

New arrivals in our growing collection

Dagnys Plantskola - Botanisera bland våra pelargoner och hitta dina favoriter. Vi säljer pelargonsticklingar via postorder, på marknader och mässor. Välkommen in i pelargonbutiken!

We're a tiny nursery!

Thanks to careful planning, we've managed to create a growing space where we grow thousands of pelargonium cuttings each year.

Summer bedding plants

In the beginning of each season, we grow a limited amount of special annual bedding plants. Double blooming petunias are a favourite.